A website of stuff Andrew wrote.


Video Morse Decoder

In 2018, UCSD unveiled a new project in the Stuart Collection. It was a tall tower, with a light affixed to the top, blinking out Morse Code. Wanting to know what the message was, I recorded 10 minutes of video, and wrote some Python code to decode the message. I composed a write-up as a Jupyter Notebook in the repo, which GitHub will kindly render for you in source view, here.

STEAM Activities

From 2016 through 2019, I designed and presented STEAM activities for elementary school students. Many of them got uploaded to GitHub. My favorite of the uploaded activities is Pattern Recognition and Illusion. Of all the activities I developed, it had the strongest engagement from the students, teacher, and parent volunteers. It was also the most fun to do.

Everything Else

My GitHub repos can be found here.


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